We are a Polish manufacturer of oak flooring. We have developed high product quality through many years of experience in the industry. We offer our floors under the ArtFloors brand. We are the only company in the country to produce double-layer boards on birch plywood from material supplied 100% by our own factories. Flooring is produced by the Barnowo plant, plywood is provided by the plant in Kołczygłowy and oak wood by our sawmill. Basing the entire production process on our own infrastructure allows us to have full control over the quality of the raw materials and the individual stages of floor production. This also enables us to offer our customers very favourable lead times. Artfloors enjoys an excellent reputation on the national and international markets.

Production process

The wood used in the production of ArtFloors floors is sourced entirely from Polish forests. We only use PEFC-certified raw material, which confirms sustainable management of environmental resources. In the first instance, oak logs are processed into sawn timber. Wet sawn timber is split into what is known as 'slices', which are thin flaps of wood. The hulls are then dried. When they reach the right moisture content, they are glued to sheets of birch plywood and joined together using a specialised press. The resulting boards are sanded to the desired thickness. A tongue and groove is made and the edges are chamfered. The final stage of the work involves structuring the boards and finishing them with stain, varnish or oil. We package the finished product and send it to the customer.

We currently operate in a five-site structure

  • Sawmill in Kołczygłowy - company headquarters
  • Jezierz plant - production of glued boards, furniture elements and interior decoration
  • 1.
  • Barnowo plant - oak flooring production
  • Kołczygłowy plant - production of birch and beech plywood in various formats
  • Kołczygłowy plant - furniture production


This is how many people we employ in our company

40000 m3

Annual wood processing, mainly oak and beech

1400 m3

Capacity of our 18 drying chambers

We are PEFC-certified for all products manufactured at our facilities.