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We are a Polish manufacturer of oak flooring. We have developed high product quality through many years of experience in the industry. We offer our floors under the ArtFloors brand. We are the only company in the country to produce double-layer boards on birch plywood from material supplied 100% by our own factories.

production process

How are Artfloors floors being made?

Experienced craftsmen, renowned architects and designers collaborate in the design and production of the floors at Artfoors, so that we offer solid and beautiful parquet and oak laminate floors with exceptional character and a precise finish that give comfort and enjoyment - for years to come..

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Questions and Answers

To order samples of our laminated boards, you will need to complete the form on the website. In a telephone or e-mail consultation, we advise on the selection of the right board parameters, such as thickness, width, quality class and type of finish. Every effort is made to ensure that the samples match as closely as possible the floors that can be ordered. Seeing and touching the board live and trying it on in the target environment allows you to make the best possible choice.

We produce the floors in two standard thicknesses: 15 and 20 mm. The top layer is 4mm or 6mm and its thickness is up to your choice. Birch plywood with a thickness of 9, 11 or 14 mm is always used as a stabilising layer.

We offer both narrower and wider layered boards. We can produce wooden floors consisting of floorboards in the following widths: 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm.


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