Oak skirting board 80/18

slat length 2.4 mb
width 18 mm
height 80 mm

adhesive mounting with clip option

Price quoted per unit gross: 70 PLN

The skirting boards are made of high-quality pine wood. Their top layer was covered with oak veneer and protected with protective oil. Veneer is natural and it retains the properties of the wood from which it is made. The oil penetrates into the structure of the veneer, providing durability and a striking accentuation of the colour and grain of the wood. Wooden skirting boards are a consistent and elegant finish to an oak floor. They carefully mask gaps and protect wall corners from possible damage.
The slats are available in two heights: 60 mm and 80 mm. They can be mounted with glue or hooks.
Please contact us in advance for availability of mouldings and delivery times.

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